Welcome to Dark Awakenings

Dark Awakenings is a High Fantasy LARP set some time in the not too distant future. It has taken influence from Changeling – The Lost by White Wolf Publications, and is a story about the struggle for survival in a world where faerie tales, dreams and nightmares are a horrid reality.

The Fae were powerful creatures that often bargained, toyed and played with mortals for amusement, entertainment, or for sheer cruelty over the centuries. One ill fated bargain or cruel trick went too far or backfired. Sometime in the early 21st century; the Fae unleashed a wave of energy that swept the globe and condemned humanity to slumber. Every man, woman and child became trapped in a phenomenon known as the “Dreamscape,” unknowingly forced to re-live specific moments of their life over and over for eternity.

By accident or design, there were some who the Dreamscape just couldn't shackle forever. Be it through strength, cunning or sheer luck, they managed to break the Dreamscape's chains and in these moments of lucidity, they stared into the very heart of the Dreamscape. But the Dreamscape stared back, seeing them for what they truly were, and it their last moments there it cursed them for it. They awakened, twisted by the Fae magic, to be no longer fully human. They are the Changelings and this was their Dark Awakening.

Technology in some form does still exist, but the knowledge has long since been forgotten, a side effect of the awakening. As a result, the Changeling world is a throwback to the human Dark Ages, where simple and maintainable technology is the key to survival. But in humanity's absence, or perhaps by the presence of the Dreamscape, the Changeling world is a malleable reality and there are equally impressive powers as technology.

The Fae, and a multitude of other creatures still lurk in the shadows, vying for power and influence over the new Changeling race. You, as a recently awakened Changeling, must fight to keep these powers at bay and for the survival of your people.


We have set up a wiki which goes into considerable detail about the game world, races, politics, religion and a whole lot more, which you can access here.

In addition, you can find a brief history of the world and previous events in the History section, as well as information about upcoming events in the Events section. Rules are located in a downloadable .pdf format in the Rules section and can also be found in the Wiki.

If you are interested in playing Dark Awakenings, or wish to contact us for any reason, you can do so here, or by accessing the Contact section.