After the first awakenings, Changelings hunted for one and other, trying to rebuild some semblence of society and feel less alone in the big bad world that had descended upon the World. In time, they began to gather at places like Conwy, which was to become the first 'city' of Albion, where there were ancient stone walls to hide behind and few nightmares to deal with. Here they now live as ghosts to the few Unchanged that still remain within the town walls. 

This seemed to be a common theme, which some scholars believe was caused by the few Changelings exerting  their will over the Dreamscape, as across Albion Changelings found a home in the few remaining fortifed towns. As each of these societies grew, being still partially human, they wanted to unite the land under the banners of their leaders. Unfortunately ideological differences remained and human traits remained, causing borders to be marked with skirmishes along them to follow.

The first alliance was between Mercia and Wessex, known as the Heartland League as they encroached on the lands of Jorvic and Anglia respectively, creating Union of the Ice Sea. The ambassador of Jorvic to h-Alba and Northumbria requested aid, however Northumbria acted on Jorvic's strategic weakness and invaded from the north, joining Heartland League. However, h-Alba decided that helping Jorvic was in their interests, as it would prevent Northumbria from gaining too much land and thus power. Meanwhile Dumnonia and the Cymru agreed that they should stand together, forming The Prydain. When both Heartland League and the Union of the Ice Sea requested their alliance, instead forseeing no positive outcome to either the Heartland League or the Union of the Ice Sea going into all out war, they threatened to side with the defender in any major conflict. In a show of force, The Prydain marched west from Caer to claim a neutral area and a major Threshold and invited the Heartland League and the Union of the Ice Sea to the table for peace talks.

The Prydain offered a solution that they believed was to the benefit of all Changelings in Albion. The lands that they had taken from the Heartland League and the Union of the Ice Sea would become a neutral state, governed from Caer at the southern end of the Wirral - a site of major Thresholds. Here, the Prydain would initially hold court for all the nations, for them to work together for all Changelings. However, there would be instances where skirmishes may occour or cause conflict between nations or factions. In order to allow this to happen without consequence to the individual Changelings, any expedition or mission would be put before the Council of Caerlaw and if passed, those who worked it would be granted the right to do so - and bear the Mark of Corley.

Prequel 1 - Greyhorn Calls

Greyhorn, the First Beast, called upon a number of young Changeings for aid holding an important Threshold from dark creatures while he sought to deal with a more pressing issue elsewhere. Thrown into the deep end, the party had to rely on their magic and skill to fend of an onslought of Nightmares under the control of an unknown entity. Much to the surprise of the group, it became apparent very quickly that there are those that roam the shadows and they are very powerful indeed.
Party members fell under the Nightmare's blades and foul magics but were made whole once more through faith and magic. Seeing no end is sight, a powerful creature was summoned and began laying waste to the young Changelings. Just in the nick of time, Greyhorn reappeared and obliterated the creature, the foul beings magic seemingly having no effect on him whatsoever.
All but one of the party survived the encounter, reminding all that the world is a dangerous place where great evil lurks in the shadows.

Prequel 2 - Eye of the Gods

What remained of the party hat protected Greyhorn's Threshold were once again tasked with an important mission. A great and powerful Artifact needed transporting to another Threshold where it could be protected. Though small in number, the party caught the eye of the Gods, who bestowed their power amongst the faithful, ensuring the party's survival.
As the party fought their way to the Threshold, the warded of unholy beings and fought a number of dangerous creatures. With the Gods by their side, and a combination of magic and martial prowess, they survived the day.
However, before they could cross into the Threshold, they ecnountered a Flame Elemental presiding over a mysterious creature it had captured. Internal conflict almost tore the party apart, before the Gods intervened and set them on the right path.

Event 1 - Awakenings

A party of adventurous changelings answered the request for aid from a mMarked called Steward Theron, who hired the party on behalf of Lord Sarent to retrieve a precious relic that had been lost. The party fought bravely to retrieve the item, fighting off the thralls of Reborn at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the party released the powerful Fae from captivity.
Time against them, they pushed forward, using all the power at their disposal. This drew the attention of beasts of the Shadow Realm, so when the party retrieved the relic, those that had over-used their power where whisked away... and the relic with them!
A hasty rescue attempt was made to retrieve the lost party members from the spirits that held them, and after much fighting, the party was reunited and forged forward to return the Relic to its rightful place. But all was not well, members of the party conspired against each other almost breaking the party apart to a point were swords were drawn against each other. In the end, though, justice prevailed. Innocence was proven, and the mission completed...